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released March 28, 2017



all rights reserved


Letters Never Sent San Mateo, California

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Track Name: Nevermore
When I said my i do’s
I thought it was til the end
Now when I see your face
I don’t want you as a friend

I’m the tell-tale heart beating underneath the floor
I’m the raven baby quote me nevermore, nevermore

Once upon a time we still cherished
Memories that still haunt my chamber door
Of a love that has long since perished
Gone for evermore

Now my beating heart
Echoes loudly in your mind
And when the madness peaks
Will you then confess your crimes?

I’m the tell-tale heart beating underneath the floor
I’m the specter who will haunt you evermore, evermore

Now the burden of pain is lifted
And I’m free to set sail for distant shores
No regrets will preside over my life for evermore

Your memory will pain me nevermore
Your memory will burden me and pain me nevermore
Track Name: 8-bit Heart
I’m cool, old school got an 8-bit heart
It's up, down, left, right, B, A, start
I lose but I never get upset
I just hit reset

I’m a 2-D dude, with a simple plan
I wanna be your only Mega Man
I’ll treasure every win and loss
You’re my last boss

I’m not high tech but I’m easy to use
You’ll get unlimited continues
Your heart will never be the same
Let’s beat the game

Stay up late to get the highest score
Final level finished but I still want more
Let’s play two-player mode for sure
Track Name: Facts of Life
There is no reconciliation
And there is no turning back
Only one thing left to say now
You are gone and that's a fact

When I said that I was done
I really meant it, now we're through
And I'm turning off my heart
'Cuz there's no love in it for you

We both said those hurtful words
Now we can't alter the course
So you'll live alone or with somebody else
All is said and done, go have your fun
Leave me alone, go fuck yourself

These are the simple facts of life (3X)
And every day we pay the price

Well I said that we were done
Now there's nothing left to do
Please keep moving on, there's nothing left for you
All is said and done, go have your fun
Go find somebody else to screw

These are the simple facts of life (3X)
And every day we pay the price
Track Name: And I'm All, "What?"
The VCR is blinking
The flashing light says 12 o’clock
But I know it’s wrong

There is no daylight savings
We live in darkness everyday
But go on anyway

And when I try to catch up I just fall behind
Cower to the end of the line
And wait for my chance to do nothing once again

And I’m all… What? (3x)

I have no false ambition
Admit defeat before it starts
With a broken heart

We celebrate the winners
But secretly resent them all
Love to watch them fall

And when I try to speed up I just slow back down
Hit reverse and then turn around
And waste no more time to do nothing once again

Love has lost all its bitterness
But I still detect no sweetness
In life so I’ll stare at the blinking light again

And I’m all… What? (3x)
Track Name: Less Than Toast
You love me less than toast
Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba
And left me with a hole
In my heart like Cheerios

I fell for all your Trix
Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba
Silly rabbits know
That your love is just for kids

Sweeter than a frosted toaster strudel
You're my satisfying crisp in Life
But you love me less than those
Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba
And I'm not the one you chose
Even though the price was right

What what I meant to you was Nut N’ Honey
But you still had me to get your Kix
But you love me less than toast
Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba
And everybody knows
Now I need another fix
Track Name: Jury Duty
You’ve been selected to appear
On a jury of your peers
To decide your lover’s fate
’Til then judgement must wait

Now my life’s a pending case
And so few have time to waste
On my own pathetic pleas
I get stuck with the court fees

Let’s get this trial started
The outcome’s been decided
And the final judgement ain’t love

Let’s get the sentence over with
Your testimony’s punishment
Take me away I’ve had enough

Let’s hear the judge’s gavel strike
The state will make me take a hike
To the penitentiary

The jury was unanimous
Their satisfaction obvious
I’ll rot in jail for a century